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One fine day, Hansel and Gretel go in the woods with their parents, in order to help them cutting firewood. But that's a big fraud: the truth is that their parents want to leave them there. And this is just the first fraud in a famous plot made up of several deceits. In this tale, every character is pretending, everyone lies to deceive someone else. And in the end, Hansel and Gretel, too, will learn to lie and deceive in order to save their lives. But it is right or wrong to pretend something that isn't true ?

This show is a reflection about the subtle difference between fiction and deception, imagination and illusion. But if we all share the same invention, this fiction becomes a wonderful game where you can let yourself go without any fear, just like theatre.

Hansel and Gretel story is told by two old brothers, two puppeteers, the Merendoni brothers, the last heirs of an ancient Italian puppeteers family. It's many years that they've been reported missing, but we find them here, ready to pretend to be Hansel and Gretel and deceive us with their masterful tricks to our delight.

Welcome, then, to Fratelli Merendoni's theatre,
where everything is fake but nothing is false!

Pasquale Buonarota and Alessandro Pisci have a twenty-years-long experience as actors and authors of shows addressed to the new generatios. They have established a permanent collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani di Torino, and participated to some of the most important National and International Festivals, such as Avignon, Seattle, Edinburgh and Lyon festivals, winning a great number of awards.

lenght 1 hour
technical exigences m (L) 8 x (P) 8 x (H) 4
darkening of the hall Necessary
assembly time 6 hours
disassembly time 3 hours
electric power needed 20 KW


For Italy and abroad

Text and direction by Pasquale Buonarota, Alessandro Pisci

With Pasquale Buonarota, Sara Brigatti, Alessandro Pisci

Designer Lucio Diana

Original music Diego Mingolla

Costumes Monica Di Pasqua

Lighting Designer Bruno Pochettino

Masks Francesco Sanseverino

Puppets Claudia Martore

Light and sound techincian Agostino Nardella

Translation Denis Fayollat

Created with the artistical collaboration of Compagnie Clandestine (Francia) | Controluce Teatro d'Ombre (Italia)

Production Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani onlus

Show produced thanks to Terre Comuni / Terres Communes – Alcotra 2007/2013 project



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