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Favolosofia n°2, the fable of the opportunities

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Performance created at Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani


Two strangers are in a waiting room. Seems like there’s a good opportunity for both of them, but they have to wait their turn. Who’ll get the chance? The first in line? The most deserving? The tallest? They have to wait, that’s for certain, and the rules force the two characters to face each other, compete, join forces, and get to know each other. In the end, even this wait will turn out to be a good opportunity for them.
Favolosofia N. 2 is the second play of the Progetto Favole Filosofiche (Philosophical Tales Project). A fable of daily life to think about the meaning of the wait that conceals itself behind every opportunity. A new opportunity for theatre and philosophy with children.
What is an occasion? What do we expect? Are there any rules? Can we create opportunities or do we have to wait for them?
The Fable of the Opportunities is thus a story made up of other tales, chronicles, fables and short stories interpreted by actors so that a line of reasoning is always anchored to new possibilities and experiences. An opportunity to think about theatre together without having to give up smiling.

Visit the website!  www.favolefilosofiche.com

Solo per l'Italia

Debut: April 2009
A play by and with: Pasquale Buonarota e Alessandro Pisci
Lucio Diana
Sound and lights:
Bruno Pochettino
Dramatic colaboration and documentation:
Monica Delmonte

Age groups: up to 8 years – for everyone
1 hour                      
Technical exigences:
m (L) 6 x (P) 6 x (H) 4,5
Assembly time:
5 hours
Disassembly time: 2 hours
Electric power needed: 15 KW        





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