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In a place no place, which might be right where we find ourselves together - audience and actors - two very different characters meet: a young girl who moves on roller skates, elusive in her incessant wandering, but curious about everything new that appears before her eyes, and a man, a magician, maker of surprises that he masterfully pulls out from the trunk he brings with him. Together they are waiting for Snow White to give her an apple. The girl seems to have nothing and to need nothing, while the man has everything with him in that large and inexhaustible trunk he pulls behind. Yet every time the man tries to tell the story the chest contains he finds he needs her help, which is the only way to unfold the age-old tale about a girl with skin white as snow, lips red as blood, hair black as ebony. The young girl gradually becomes more and more involved until the boundaries between reality and fiction are lost and we discover that the story from the pages of the famous tale by the Brothers Grimm has become the only true reality.

Direction: Graziano Melano
Graziano Melano, Vanni Zinola
Giulia Rabozzi, Vanni Zinola
Costume conception:
Clara Daniele
Masks realised by:
Claudio Dughera
Stage objects:
Agostino Nardella
Age groups:
up to 3 years - for everyone
Lenght: 50 minutes

Technical exigences: m (L) 5 x (P) 5 x (H) Headroom
Assembly time:
2 hours
Disassembly time: 1 hour
Electric power needed: 12 KW        
Seating capacity: 150 spectators



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