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The fable of the beauty

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(new production)favolosofia

Performance created at Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani


In the halls of a Museum of Beauty, the fabulous and incredible adventure of a king and his jester in the quest for that beauty that will make a Kingdom better, everywhere.
A young King had promised his Father, the old King, that he would make his kingdom a more beautiful realm. But years later, the new King felt he had failed in his commitment and saw only boredom and sadness in the eyes of his subjects and his daughter Gertrude. One day he had a rather bizarre idea and he and his jester started to make changes that would lead the two main characters to see the world and people through new eyes.
Beauty is the third issue the Progetto Favole Filosofiche (Philosophical Tales Project) deals with: How can I learn to recognize the good things, what does beauty mean to others and what is beauty for me? Am I responsible for the beauty of something? 
Favolosofia No. 3 is a new fable that collects the questions, reasoning, images, and thoughts made together with the children in order to understand what may be beautiful and what not.


Debut: April 2010
A play by and with: Pasquale Buonarota, Alessandro Pisci & Lucio Diana
Costume conception: Monica Di Pasqua
Lighting designer: Bruno Pochettino
Research and documentation: Monica Delmonte
Age groups: up to 6 years – for everyone
Lenght: 60 minuti

Technical exigences: m (L) 8 x (P) 8 x (H) 6
Assembly time:6 hours
Disassembly time:2 hours
Electric power needed: 30 KW






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