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Favolosofia n°1, the fable of changes

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Performance created at Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani

The first play of the Progetto Favole Filosofiche (Philosophical Tales Project): is a theatrical journey, comic and philosophical, in the experience of changes. Two fabulous and amusing characters invite the children in the audience to interact during the tale and to share their thoughts stimulated by their adventures: there are two beggars, one blind and the other crippled, who decide to look for new roads and better luck. Reversals, conflicts, and laughs accompany an open reflection on the testimonies the children give about the changes that are around them and by them, how they cannot decide, Implore or plan. The fable of changes is a “philosophical fable” because it leads to asking questions more than to finding answers, to question so as to understand.
This is the objective that Pasquale Buonarota and Alessandro propose to achieve with the Project “Favole Filosofiche”: create a point of contact between children’s theater and philosophy, to bring youngsters and adults closer to the pleasure of thinking together.

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Premio Giocateatro Torino, aprile 2008
Miglior Spettacolo
Eolo Awards – Pavia, maggio 2009
Miglior Progetto Produttivo – Progetto Favole Filosofiche

Solo per l'Italia

Debut: Aprile 2008
A play by and with: Pasquale Buonarota e Alessandro Pisci
Set designs: Lucio Diana
Audio and lighting: Bruno Pochettino
Dramatic colaboration and documentation: Monica Delmonte

Lenght:1 hour
Technical exigences: m (L) 6 x (P) 6 x (H) 4,5
Assembly time: 4 hours

Disassembly time: 1 hour
Electric power needed: 12 kw

The show can also be represented in unconventional places




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