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Aquarium is a dive into the fascinating depths of the undersea world.
Evoked by the sound of a shell and the games of 3 children, the performance unwinds through a series of passages and mini-stories of animals that populate the seabed, highlighting the behaviors and characteristics of the astonishing morphology.
A journey in the footsteps of Verne with the aid of rubber tubes and gloves, clothespins, bowls, funnels and scrub brushes, discovered in the closet and recycled to liven up another boring, small town afternoon. Aquarium is a small encyclopedia of the sea that ranges from algae to crustaceans, from commonplace fish to cephalopods, from creatures of the abyss to fierce sharks, and finally to the largest mammal of them all, the white whale. A fantastic journey through evolution. Through the use of simple everyday objects, gestures and music, the actors lead an easy to understand game of mimicry and disguise explained by brief captions that scientifically contextualize the various species. 
It plays with incredible originality on pre-television genres, from the circus to vaudeville to the comedy of Keaton and Chaplin, creating impressive visual, musical and - above all - emotional images.


Distribution in Italy and abroad

Debut: Aprile 2003
Written and produced by: Lucio Diana, Roberto Tarasco, Adriana Zamboni
Dramatic collaboration: Gabriele Vacis
Directed by: Roberto Tarasco
With: Cinzia Cigna, Giorgia Goldini, Alfredo Zinola
Sound and lighting technician: Agostino Nardella
Visual Theatre
Age groups: Age groups: up to 6 years – for everyone
Lenght: 60 minutes





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